1. Our company prides itself on our impeccable accuracy to ensure customer security. Overlooked title problems can result in customer inconvenience and expense. We have access to all county public records, including tax records, corporate searches, UCC lien and judgment searches and property appraisers records.
  2. We have a dedicated commitment to our clients to provide superior customer service. It seems that in our business world today, customer service is no longer prevalent. The increasing demand for technology has often times taken away from customer service to the client. — Customer service is our top priority
  3. Customer service and satisfaction is our primary goal. It is the cornerstone of our title company.
  4. Convenient location and access for your buyers and sellers. We will close anytime and anywhere that is convenient to all parties.
  5. Courier service to provide you the closing documents for execution and closing for those days when you just can’t seem to get out of the office.
  6. In-house title information to provide fast accurate title searches and title commitments.
  7. Bi-weekly updates on the status of the real estate closing. We provide you with copies of the title commitment and closing statements days in advance of the closing.
  8. New home purchase discount to homebuilders saving you money and keeping your costs down.
  9. Prompt, professional service at an affordable price. We demonstrate knowledge, skill, experience, dedication, understanding and patience – The key ingredients to a smooth and successful closing, after all,
  10. We are your neighborhood title company.